Our History


Founded by...

Rebike Cumbria was founded by Geoff Tunstall in 2010 as an ‘Access to Work’ project to create volunteering training and employment for disabled or disadvantaged adults. Geoff has had a sensory impairment since birth and understands all to well the barriers that exist for disadvantaged adults seeking employment.


In the beginning

Its first unit was a 600 sq ft space on Citadel Parade, We then upsized to a 2000 sq ft unit under the railway arches below Carlisle Station.


Rebike Cumbria Ltd

Rebike was then incorporated as Rebike Cumbria Ltd in 2011.


Community Hub

The Rebike Community Cycle Hub (Formerly Carlisle Community Cycle Hub) was founded by Lance Greenhalgh in 2019 and is also based at the former Mitchell Dryers site. The Hub promotes healthy living and community engagement and provides pop up bicycle workshops, free bike loans, led bike rides and engages with young families, people who wish to gain confidence in cycling, asylum seekers who wish to become more active in the community and providing workshops at schools.


Rebike CIC

Rebike Cumbria Ltd was changed to a CIC in 2022.

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