Before any Service or Repair we will carry out a FREE assessment of your cycle to ensure the most appropriate service or repair is recommended.

We will then book your cycle in for the service or repair work you wish to have and issue a receipt detailing: costs, collection date and Terms and Conditions.


Basic adjustments as necessary following the initial assessment:

e.g. Tighten headset

Gears adjusted and aligned

Drivetrain lubricated

Brakes adjusted and aligned

Inflated tyres to correct pressure

Test-ride of cycle to confirm fully functioning


Basic adjustments as above plus:

Lubricate or replace all cables as required

Replace wearing parts where indicated

FULL SERVICE £50 + Parts

As basic service plus:

Access headset and bottom bracket, clean, grease and reassemble

Re-cable cycle, replacing cable outer where necessary

Clean and lubricate drive-chain

Check for excessive wear to wheels

Includes minor truing of wheels and hub servicing

Specific individual repairs, fitting of replacement and the fitting of new parts available. Cost estimates offered following an outline of the work required.

Custom builds and assembly services also offered please ask for a quote.